The Wonton Lady’s Knights: a syndical operetta gala from Subotica

The Wonton Lady’s Knights: a syndical operetta gala from Subotica

Kosztolányi Dezső Theatre from Subotica (SRB)

The actors of the theatre in Subotica, Kosztolányi Dezső, decided not to tolerate the current conditions anymore, therefore they formed their own union, The Knights of the Kissing Woman…
We have returned to the primordial operetta, which is afraid neither of political or public mockery nor of irony. We have created a very colourful system, a very diversified structure, with songs and jokes, we have worked on our own traditions, which is very important. We turn our attention back to the history of the Hungarian theatre in Vojvodina, the tradition we are related to, an integral part of this world revealed by the operetta, which the public can see on stage. (Oláh Tamás, dramaturg)

Director: Urbán András
Composer: Szerda Árpád
Playright: Góli Kornélia, Oláh Tamás
Scenography: Urbán András
Graphic collaborator: Kreszánkó Viktória
Costume design: Marina Sremac
Costume design assistant: Senka Ranosavljević
Coreography: Fülöp Tímea
Assistant director: Szerda Zsófia
Actors in video documents: Béres Márta, Nagyabonyi Emese, Mészáros Árpád, MIkes Imre Elek
Actors: Baráth Attila, Dedovity Tomity Dina, m.v., Fülöp Tímea, Horváth Blanka, m.v., Kucsov Borisz, Mészáros Gábor, Verebes Andrea
The use of Kálmán Imre’s songs has been authorised by Music Theatre International (Europe) Josef Weinberger Ltd.

Duration: 2 h, without any break
Performed in Hungarian, with English and Romanian surtitles.

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