The Parallel City

The Parallel City

Csiky Gergely Hungarian State Theatre Timisoara, Diogene Cultural Association, CiviCultura

In 2021, Ana Mărgineanu and Peca Ștefan guide us through the Iosefin district, following the footsteps of today’s refugees and yesterday’s migrants. In 2022 and 2023, the project will also include the Elisabetin and Fabric neighbourhoods, with extensions in the Citadel, creating a network of immersive routes that reveal the hidden life of Timișoara. All these routes are to be opened to the public simultaneously, in 2023, in an extended exploration within the frames of the European Capital of Culture,
A unique experience that opens up parallel worlds and reveals surprising stories of the Iosefin neighbourhood. Two different routes in the TEST context. Two games in parallel. Chose a route and start walking, guided by the actors! Experience intense moments of the story, close to the characters.
Martin is getting married but he has to save his best friend first. He must win the game in which he will not waste time. (The blue route)
Vicki has one last chance to raise some money for three Afgan adolescents to cross the border. She has to win the game in which she gets rid of all those who try to stop her. (The pink route)

Directed by: Ana Mărgineanu
Scenography: Albert Alpár
Coreography: Baczó Tünde
Music: Cári Tibor
Assistant director: Silvia Török, Roxana Orz
Technical director: Kertész Éva
With: Balázs Attila, Magyari Etelka, Bandi András Zsolt, Mirela Puia, Răzvan Oroianu, Ioana Balint, Éder Enikő, Kiss Attila, Mátyás Zsolt Imre, Jasmina Mitrici, Lajter Márkó Ernesztó, Lőrincz Rita, Tokai Andrea, Czüvek Loránd, Molnos András Csaba, Borbély B. Emilia, Vajda Boróka, Hegyi Kincső, Rareș Rusan, Otniel Curaciuc-Floruț, Oana Antonovici, Erdős Bálint, Marin Lupanciuc, Patricia Gavril
The Parallel Town is a project developed within the Timişoara 2023 – European Capital of Culture program. Travelers are asked to come in comfortable shoes. Walk between 1 and 1,5 km.

Duration: 1h 30min
Performed in Romanian and Hungarian, with simultaneous translation
Free access, previous reservation is required, exclusively in the Theatre Ticket Office!

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