Short, bloody ballads

Short, bloody ballads

Forte Company - Lukács Miklós Cimbiosis Trio - Pannon Várszínház Theatre (HU)

"There are no finite stories. People die, but their actions do not. Life is an eternal flow. So, it would be hard to believe and that’s why we, humans, with our weak eyes, break it down into more cases. Thus, from a great continuity, we have made short stories. This is how, on the lips of people, the great harmony of life materializes in stories, miracles, sensations, anecdotes, comedies, novels and tragedies. In small things, instead of a great choir. What a pity, what a pity! We should, at least, make the connection between these stories. After all, these stories flow from each other." (excerpt from Ady Endre’s short story, Endless story.

Even today, in the public consciousness, Ady’s short stories do not take the well-deserved place, not only from the perspective of the author, but also from the one regarding value. Readers, who at the time were accustomed to anecdotal narratives, did not notice the tragic depth of biography in all these, the internal stories that derive from sharp remarks and, apart from the author’s simplicity, his distinctive, striking and decisive style of prose. From Ady’s poetry, one could feel the influence of the ballads’ quality in his short stories. In this context they became the founding factors of forms. Their aesthetic effect is due to the determined passion expressed by the linguistic compression. They are characterized by a narrative compression that breaks the boundaries of narrative prose, so laconic that it does not create a deficit. 

Author: Ady Endre
Directed by: Horváth Csaba
Text supervision: Földeáki Nóra, Horváth Csaba
Assistant director: Garádi Gréta
Production manager: Trifonov Dóra
Composer: Lukács Miklós
Costume designer: Benedek Mari
Lights: Payer Ferenc
Actors: Fehér László, Földeáki Nóra, Krisztik Csaba, Pallag Márton, Rudolf Szonja, Widder Kristóf
Colaboratori: Lukács Miklós Cimbiózis Trió (Lukács Miklós – tambourine, Orbán György – double bass, Gyárfás Attila – drums)
Duration: 1h 30 min
Performed in Hungarian, with English and Romanian subtitles

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