Rock Concert

Rock Concert

Vrooom (SRB)

Vrooom is a Serbian electronic rock band formed in March 1997, which started playing in Belgrade clubs, using a unique sound (two vocals, guitar, accordion, bass, fretless bass, electronic and acoustic drums) to merge cabaret music, with the melodies of the Balkans and contemporary rhythms of the West (techno, drum'n'bass, trip-hop.). They have recorded five albums and created music for over 50 theatre performances, performing it live in some of them – including “Jami district” (invited for TESZT 2018).

Authors: Marko Grubić (music), Milena Bogavac (text)
Performers: Tamara Radovanović (vocal), Ana Vučić (vocal), Katarina Popović (vocal),
Nebojša Brdarić (flutes, zurla, duduk), Vladimir Marinković (drums), Marko Grubić
(bass guitar, electronica)

Duration: 80 min
Rock concert

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