Richard the Third is Forbidden

Richard the Third is Forbidden

Szkéné Theatre from Budapesta (HU)

How can fear distort you? And the will to comply? And the survival instinct? How can we tell the truth without harming ourselves, our loved ones, our opportunities, careers and jobs? Can we reconcile inner freedom, which is so essential for creation, with a world whose leaders consider only unconditional obedience, loyalty and the execution of commands in a thoughtless way? „You are either with us or not.” What happens then? Is Richard III banned? And if it is banned, who is actually iterating it? (Szikszai Rémusz)

Author: Matei Vişniec
Directed by: Szikszai Rémusz
Scenography and visual design: Cziegler Balázs
Costume design: Kiss Julcsi
Translator: Patkó Éva
Playwright: Szikszai Rémusz
Puppet designer: Hoffer Károly
Coreographer: Újvári Milán
Lights: Mervel Miklós
Sound: Molnár Péter
Director partner: Vincze Petra
Interpreted by: Mucsi Zoltán, Kaszás Gergő, Nagypál Gábor, Bánfalvi Eszter, Fodor Tamás, Szikszai Rémusz, Újvári Milán, Barabás Anita, Jessica Simet, Horváth István, Váth Máté, Egyed Bea, Szász Dániel, Szilvási Anna
The one who is always with us: Huszár Zsolt
The play was staged by the HoFra Theatre and Literature Agency.

Duration: 2 h, without any break
Performed in Hungarian, with English and Romanian surtitles

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