One single breath

One single breath

Les 3 Plumes (FR)

The COVID-19 pandemic forced us into great isolation for many months. Now the urgency, the need, the desire to meet again, are very strong. This is why One single breath enhances listening and on gathering, not intended as a dictatorial and uniforming "together", but as a multiform entity, in which the autonomies of each one meet in the desire to "go together", but not in the same way.
This work focuses on sensitivity, nuances, listening. In a single breath. A breath, which in this period we must cover, to protect ourselves and the others, which can be an unconscious vehicle of contagion, but which is also the fundamental tool for dancing together.

Marco Chenevier’s research line investigates the relationship between citizens and their enjoyment of artworks, the posture of the audience and of the artist, and the power relationship that emerge between them. He uses a toolbox to deconstruct the conventional form-show, to identify the essential cornerstones of the live show, and to put the audience’s experience at the center of the work. He is currently co-director of the T*Danse - Danse & Technology - international festival of the New Dance of Aosta.

Creative team: 
Marco Augusto Chenevier – choreographer and dancer
Alessia Pinto – dancer
Océane Delbrel - dancer

Duration varies – the performance is the result of a workshop organised during TESZT
Nonverbal performance
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