Moby Dick

Teatro dei Venti (ITA)

The square is empty, hanging, holding its breath. A deep, ancestral voice resounds from afar: twenty sailors, twenty men, twenty souls beat large wooden casks on a moving wagon. That sound rips the air and quivers. Its rhythm marks the work of the crew. Once it has reached the square, the wagon plows up the pavement. The music grows. The two enemies will eventually come face to face for the final battle: Ahab and the White Whale. Man against Nature, the marvel, the unknown, the lost god, the fear that screams from the abyss: Moby Dick.
This performance-event is devised for urban settings, staging Captain Ahab’s ship and his obsession to find the White Whale, with huge theatrical machines and a company of 20 artists, including actors, musicians, acrobats and technicians. The show is loosely based on Herman Melville's novel Moby Dick. Teatro dei Venti continues in its artistic research in urban settings with a street performance that connects with the community and with the themes of a classic in world literature.
The show won the “Ubu 2019” Award for the best stage setting and “Rete Critica 2019” Award for the project/organization.



Concept and direction: Stefano Tè
Literary adaptation for the stage play: Giulio Sonno
Direction Consultancy: Mario Barzaghi
Music composed by Luca Cacciatore, Igino L. Caselgrandi and Domenico Pizzulo and performed live by Alex Ascione (sax), Domenico Pizzulo (guitar and synth), Igino Luigi Caselgrandi (drums and percussions);
Costumes: Teatro dei Venti and Beatrice Pizzardo
Light Design: Alessandro Pasqualini
Lighting Technician: Stefano Cane
Sound: Luigi Pascale
Stage design: Dino Serra
Project and construction: Dino Serra, Massimo Zanelli

Assistant director: Danilo Faiulo
Tour manager: Daphne Pasini

With: Alessio Boni, Oxana Casolari, Marco Cupellari, Alfonso Dominguez Escribano, Federico Faggioni, Francesca Figini, Davide Filippi, Mara Lambriola, Hannes Langanky, Giovanni Maia, Iona Petmezakis, Irene Raccanelli, Cesare Trebeschi, Amalia Ruocco, Antonio Santangelo, Davide Tubertini, Elisa Vignolo. 

The performance is co-produced by Klaipeda Sea Festival (Lithuania), realized with the support of the Emilia-Romagna Region, the Municipality of Modena, the Modena Foundation, with the contribution of the Municipality of Dolo (VE) in collaboration with the Echidna Association.

Event realised with the support of ATER Foundation.

Duration: 50 min
Performed in Italian with English, Hungarian and Romanian translation
Free acces

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