Mistero Buffo

Mistero Buffo

Grupa Artistic Organisation (CRO)

„Mr. Dario Fo is dead and gone, and so are the 60’s and the revolution. Or so we thought… Gilets jaunes, the 1%, the MeToo movement, the continued ban on birth control, abortion…. Mistero Buffo screams to step onto the planks and give intelligent comic form to the general rage of ‘we the people.’ As our very existence on the planet coughs its death throes, the politico/industrio/militario oligarchy continues to blow the smoke screen of distraction over the masses. But voices are raising and Dario Fo’s voice is just as razor sharp as ever.” (Lee Delong)
For me this performance is something that enters the anthology of our theatre with the very intensity this actor refuses the logic of political hypocrisy that is so often related to actor’s profession. As if Šivak is saying no, independent actor is not “homeless”, his home is much stronger than that offered by the Great Repertoirs. An actor should start from hearing the street in himself and himself in the street; he cannot hide himself in the safety of theatre as a citizen’s institution. (Nataša Govedić)

Author: Dario Fo
Directed by: Lee Delong
Performed by: Dražen Šivak and Igor Dorotić (musician)

The performance is co-produced by Triko Cirkus teatar

Duration: 75 min
Performed in Croatian, with English, Hungarian and Romanian surtitles

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