”Je suis Giselle”

”Je suis Giselle”

Asociația Unfold Motion Timișoara (RO)

 ”Je suis Giselle” suggests a different manner of the romantic ballet ”Giselle” (act I) by distributing a man in the lead role (along with two other performers) and transposing the subject in a contemporary way in terms of common themes that are valid even today in our society.  
The inner process of individual maturation is presented by topics such as the parents’ overwhelming influence on children, the social class differences, the impact of public opinion on the individual, the psychological fragility and the lack of experience/naivete. Through Giselle, the performers answer questions like: How do you convey the feeling that you are isolated and alone among the many and close ones? How do you deal with the opinions of those around you? How do you fight for someone you miss? How do you express love in the absence of the person you love?

Choreography: Lavinia Urcan
With: Denisa Coropcă, Alexandru Pîntea, Beatrice Tudor
Music: Ovidiu Zimcea
Scenography: Noiseloop Studio
Costumes: Florin Breje, Victoria Rusu, Evelina Tănasie
Duration: 40 min
Nonverbal show
Free access 

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