Jazz Concert

Jazz Concert

Lukács Miklós Cimbiosis Trio

Lukács Miklós is undoubtedly one of the most exceptional figures in the Hungarian and international music life: his education in classical music has given him the opportunity to study jazz and contemporary music in depth. His virtuoso style and continuous experimentation led to the discovery of sounds previously unknown by his instrument. The best example in this sense is his trio, Cimbiozis, founded in 2013, which he describes in the following way: "for this trio, I composed so that it could sound like chamber music, in which all the musicians are present with the same weight. That’s why we have chosen the Cimbiózis name: the symbiosis between us is the key". For this task he has chosen Orbán György, the bassist, and Gyárfás Attila, the drummer.

Lukács Miklós - cymbalom
Orbán György – double bass
Gyárfás Attila - drums

Concert, without any translation

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