History of Motherfuckers

History of Motherfuckers

Teatrul Național Bitola (MK)

Based on Coriolanus by W. Shakespeare
„The performance is not political. The performance is about the man and their community. The performance is a fight. The people’s fight.  Nobody loves Coriolanus. not Shakespeare’s play, not the character. He is true to himself and honest. We secretly agree with everything he says. but one thing is clear. He is not us. He tells us what we are too afraid to tell ourselves. Were he a diplomat, using sweet, tender lies as a precondition for the democratic society, we wouldn’t be talking about him. a lie is not sweet, not tender. It is bloody and ruthless. While truth and sincerity are, still, conditions for true art.” (Urbán András, director)
„Nazi Germany will praise Coriolanus as a play about the true Leader (Hitler) opposing the incapable people. Brecht sees it as a critique of the crushing of democracy and a play supporting his socialist beliefs. In any case, Coriolanus tells the story of democracy and state. The birth of the state which uses the law in order to place the individual above the law. The tragedy of Coriolanus is also the tragedy of man, the entire society, the nation. The nation is united forever and only by the existence of an exterior enemy. Nothing else.” (Vedrana Božinović, dramaturge)

Authorial project created by Urbán András
Director: Urbán András
Dramaturge: Vedrana Božinović
Song “Jas sum protiv demokratija” composed by Sandra Gribovska
Set designer: Valentin Svetozarev
Costume Designer: Blagoj Micevski
Composer: Irena Popović Dragović
Sound: Nikolche Terzievski
Lights: Goran Petrovski
Stage director: Miroslav Lazarevski
Prompter: Gordana Mihajlovska

Performers: Ivan Jerchich, Sonja Mihajlova, Viktorija Stepanovska-Jankulovska, Sandra Gribovska, Nikola Projchevski
Musicians: Aleksandar Dimovski, Slavcho Jovev

Duration: 1h30min
Performed in Macedonian with English, Romanian, Hungarian surtitles 

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