Guest performance - Classmates (UA)

Guest performance - Classmates (UA)

Virymo Youth Theatre from Dnipro

The very first day at school, the first lesson. Boys and girls are excited and full of expectations. Ten youngsters laugh, play, and quarrel sometimes.

Then the Second World War begins. They are still bounding as the classmates, but now they belong to opposite parties. Some of them are Jews, and some are those who are going to destroy them. The classmates turn into victims and executioners.

This tragedy has the particular historical origin, and at the same time, it is a universal story.



The participation of Ukrainian artists in TESZT is supported by the Department of Social Services of Timisoara Municipality.

This performance was submitted for the TESZT open call in 2019 and Csiky Gergely Hungarian State Theatre decided to include it in the 2022 edition as a normal and necessary signal of solidarity with Ukrainian artists affected by the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. 

Stage director – Vladimir Petrenko

Scenography – Mariya Tkachenko

Costume designer – Mariya Petrenko



Dora (1920 – 1941) – Kateryna Slyusar (Kalmykova)

Zoska (1919 – 1985) – Daryna Shmarova

Rachelka (1920 – 2002) – Mariia Petrenko

Jakob Katz (1919 – 1941) – Serhii Klymenko

Rysiek (1919 – 1942) – Tymofii Tarkovskyi

Menachem (1919 – 1975) – Eduard Parnet

Zygmunt (1919 – 1975) – Volodymyr Shaposhnyk

Heniek (1919 – 2001) – Taras Shevchenko

Vladek (1919 – 2001) – Kyryl Mikholskyi

Abram (1920 – 2003) – Vladyslav Petrov


Duration: 1h50 min
Translated in English, Hungarian, Romanian


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