Gaia. Sea Lust

Gaia. Sea Lust

Kristóf Szabó F.A.C.E. Ensemble (DE)

In SEA LUST, performative, visual and acoustic arts come together in the discovery of hidden erotic longings. Two women, as if standing on the shore, on the line of contact between the safe mainland and the infinite mass of water. Where the sea goes to shreds, on the rocks, the drops of water explode in the sunlight. Electrically charged, the water drops are drawn out to the open sea. The dancers' movements and the video-projections enter into an interactive symbiosis, they merge as they enter the surreal world of the inner perception of death, the transience of all things and the magnetism of life.
"The free sea frees the spirit." (J. W. v. Goethe) 
„The confrontation of the gravitational, biologically transient body with the virtual spatiality, technically generated by projection light, in which the temporal is experienced in a field of tension of boundaries - death - disturbance, is our field of research. The pieces are conceived as body-act-flow generated (partly surreal structured) dreamscapes. The line of contact between technically generated illusion and the flesh mass of the body is understood as a super-real landscape. In the audience's mind, physique and image merge into one. The approach does not want to allow distance and coolness and aims at an intoxication that can be experienced sensually, which is exuberant instead of holding the edge.” (Kristóf Szabó, director)

Directed by: Kristóf Szabó 
Digital & XR video art: Ivó Kovács 
Stage image: Kristóf Szabó 
Light-design: Simon Kwame
Layout & poster-design: Klaus A. Burth 
Costume: Kristóf Szabó 
Choreography: Kristóf Szabó, Annika Hofgesang, Karolina Tóth 
Dancers: Karolina Tóth, Annika Hofgesang 
Performer, bondage rigger master and object-artist: Boshi Nawa 
Compositions and electronic soundscapes from The Beautiful Schizophonic, Davor Mikan, Nicolas Bernier, Heimir Björngúlfsson/Pimon/Helgi Thosson, a@, Quarz from the programme of the Portuguese electronic label Crónica can be heard.   

The K. Szabó F.A.C.E. Ensemble is supported by the RheinEnergieStiftung Kultur 2018-22. The production of SEA LUST was supported by the office of culture of the City of Cologne.

Duration: 60 min
Nonverbal performance

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