Empty Floor

Empty Floor


“Empty Floor” stems from the desire to explore the concealed and private universe of all those people who daily face Alzheimer's disease. It aims to make the audience aware of the various aspects of the disease, by tackling both the most painful as well as the funniest ones, and in doing so showing the strength and the joy of life behind the embarrassment of discomfort.  What makes “Empty Floor” a unique production are collaborations with local Alzheimer’s associations in order to involve senior citizens in the show. Sharing the stage with the intensely physical and athletic dancers of imPerfect Dancers Company, they will be one-night performers of their feelings, their fears and their joys.
Since it was formed in Italy in 2009, imPerfect Dancers Company has taken the contemporary dance scene by storm, winning rave reviews and prestigious awards. It has been the resident dance company of the Pisa Opera and Ballet Theatre in Italy since 2011.

Concept & choreography: Walter Matteini & Ina Broeckx
Performed by: Ina Broeckx, Sara Nicastro, Gloria Tonello, Ines Santos Prados, Andoni Martinez Manzano, David Boneta Barrera
Costumes: Ina Broeckx
Stage design: Ina Broeckx
Lighting design: Walter Matteini
Music: Arvo Part, Philip Glass, Max Richter, Ezio Bosso, J.S. Bach, Pergolesi, Edith Piaff

Duration: 70 min
Nonverbal performance

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