Eichmann In Jerusalem

Eichmann In Jerusalem

Zagreb Youth Theatre (CRO)

„Only by stripping totalitarianism of the mechanisms that make it work, such as obedience and fear, can we send the message that every one of us is important, our statement unique, our experience valuable. Only as we move away from institutionalized evil can we arrive at personal responsibility.
Only when we do that can the body as a square meter of skin – to use this play’s metaphor – regain its status as a living witness. By reverse analogy, only at this point can a person who has reduced a living body to a square meter of skin be claimed responsible. Every attempt at reconstruction requires a context that would shed light on the issue at hand. Otherwise, every evil and every good deed would be equally banal and plain. Only when we are ready to recognize other people’s fears can we confront the worst of them – our own. By looking into the pieces of such a devastating historical event such as the Holocaust and the layers of meaning that came later, this show investigates personal sorrows, fears, and truths far away from any assumed banality.” (Tomislav Zajec)

Jernej Lorenci (b.1973) is the recipient of the prestigious Europe Theatre Prize for (New) Theatrical Realities. His work mirrors preocupations such as the role of the director, the definition of a spectator in theatrical exchange, deconstruction and recreation of the theatrical illusion.

Author: Jernej Lorenci
Director: Jernej Lorenci
Dramaturge: Matic Starina
Stage designer: Branko Hojnik
Costume designer: Belinda Radulović
Choreographer: Gregor Luštek
Music: Branko Rožman
Assistant directors: Aleksandar Švabić, Rajna Racz and Tim Hrvaćanin
Costume design assistants: Bernarda Popelar Lesjak and Marta Žegura
Stage manager: Stella Švacov Miletić

Performed by: Katarina Bistrović Darvaš, Dado Ćosić, Frano Mašković, Mia Melcher, Pjer Meničanin, Rakan Rushaidat, Lucija Šerbedžija, Vedran Živolić

Duration: 3 h 30 min, one break
Performed in Croatian with English, Hungarian and Romanian surtitles
The performance holds a recommendation from Croatian Agency for Education

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