#dosztoievskij b@r/reopening

#dosztoievskij b@r/reopening

Arte-Factum Independent Company from Timișoara (RO)

200 years after the birth of writer Feodor Mihailovici Dostoievski,  the Independent Company Arte-Factum and director Levente Kocsárdi dedicate the Theatre Introspection Laboratory to a novel,  ”Crime and Punishment”: #dosztoievskij b@r/reopening is a theatrical essay on conscience, crime and guilt.
 ”We deconstruct and recompose, with theatrical means, extreme mechanisms to validate illusions about ourselves, processes that have made Rodion Romanovici Raskolnikov a murderer, in order to understand what consciousness means to the people at the age of student Raskolnikov, as reported, intimate and personal, people of any age, today, to the notion of consciousness, because in #dosztoievskij b@r we are all Raskolnikov (Все мы Раскольников). Everything happens in the mind of Raskolnikov, in his nightmare, in his delirium as a vehicle for understanding.” (Levente Kocsárdi, director)
The #dosztoievskij b@r/reopening show is interpreted by actors from Romania, Serbia, Moldova: Alexandru Romescu, Aida Olaru, Larisa Belcea, Korina Troća,  Levente Kocsárdi, Ștefan Roman, Laura Gîrbovan, Darie Doklean,  David Vicol, Alexandru Bogdan Popescu.

Directed by: Levente Kocsárdi
Scenography: arh. MC.Donici
Dramaturgy: Simona Donici
Musical context: Kocsárdi Levente
Stage movement: Alin Radu
Video-mapping: Sebastian Hamburger
Sound: Sebastian Bayer
Lights: Szilak Carol
Graphics: Szabó Andor
make-up: Florin Lazăr
The Independent Company Art-Factum: Theatre/ Community Culture/ Theatre Research/ Contemporary art/ Theatrical pedagogy/Theatre Introspection Lab/ Visual arts/ Ethnosculpture/ Contemporary music/ Theatre criticism/ Urban regeneration/ Acting studio/ Theatre Kibbutz

Duration: 2 h 50 min, a breaktime
Performance acted in Romanian, translated into Hungarian and English
Exclusive access with reservation

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