Spectators’ Academy

Spectators’ Academy

Tasnádi István

"It all started more than 100.000 years ago, during the last third of the mid-pleistocean era. Once, some time ago, when everything was ONE, there were no actors, and there were no spectators, there were only the creative rites of human hordes. The first phase in the spectator’s becoming was the emergence of the reflective conscience. Later they introduced the mystery in a great secret, hidden by the look of those uninitiated. And then he was born – the SPECTATOR.” Professional school for spectators with professors Vancsók Márió, Szagolnyák Imre and Színházi Lacika – from basic principles to the diploma of professional spectator.


Sponsors: City of Subotica, Hungarian National Council, Ministry of  Information and Culture (Serbia),

National Cultural Fund of Hungary, Ministry of Human Resources (Hungary), Bethlen Gábor Fund Management Ltd. (Hungary)


Running time: 1h 40’

Performed in Hungarian with English and Romanian surtitles.



Dramaturg: Góli Kornélia

Composer: Mezei Szilárd

Costume: Marina Sremac

Choreography: Tomin Kiss Anikó


Cast: Kucsov Borisz, Mess Attila, Mészáros Gábor


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