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Simona Semenić

Don Juan is one of those literary figures that have gone through most adaptation. For the entire last season, Tomi Janežič and his team also took him as a reference point for their research and laboratory approach. Parallel to that, Simona Semenič was writing a new text, titled  no title yet. Semenič approached Don Juan, this time carrying the quintessential Slovenian name Janez, from the angle of his “seducees” and through the consequences of his acts – which all blend into a whole in a single moment, in a single heartbeat. A moment needed for the body that slips from the bed to hit the ground. The text has merged superbly with the material created at rehearsals, and Janežič mixed it subtly into a rich, layered whole which adds another view to the countless versions of Don Juan and donjuanism, and particularly speaks of our joys, hopes, fears and distress. Here and now.


Running time: 10h including 4 intermissions.

Performed in Slovenian, with English, Hungarian and Romanian surtitles.

Dramaturgy: Tomi Janežič

Set design: Branko Hojnik

Music selection: the creators of the performance

Costume design: Marina Sremac

Sound design: Silvo Zupančič

Lighting design: David Cvelbar, Tomi Janežič

Assistant director: Mirjana Medojević, Daniel Day Škufca

Set designer assistant: Aleksander Vujović

Video: Dušan Ojdanič

Make-up artist: Nathalie Horvat

Speech advisor: Mateja Dermelj

Stage manager: Gašper Tesner

The creative process was inspired by the Don Juan myth. Additional text devised by the ensemble.


With: Neda R. Bric, Daša Doberšek, Tomi Janežič, Nataša Keser, Boris Kos, Mirjana Medojević, Anja Novak, Draga Potočnjak, Matej Recer, Blaž Šef, Daniel Day Škufca, Stane Tomazin, Matija Vastl

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