Medea’s Boys

Medea’s Boys

"The male orientation of classical Athens was inseparable from its genius. Athens became great not despite but because of its misogyny." Camille Paglia – Sexual Personae

Gender discrimination has dominated art, culture and life of the past millenniums. Medea’s Boys illustrates a director’s “busting” the legend of the Argonauts and the Golden Fleece. The show brings into discussion male vulnerabilities, machoism, patriarchate and misogynism, by means of irony and humour. The stage (represented by a marine-themed bar) is populated by an entirely masculine cast. In here some argonauts meet to celebrate their major life experience – the mythological journey on the ship Argo.

The water of these courageous and insensibile memories is troubled by Medea’s retrospection, a character imagined by Euripide as a castrating appearance, a criminal revenging nomad. She takes shapes mentally in the virused identities, full of cracks of these six non-heros, close witnesses of some major events but untouched by fame. Manifesting their impulses which are not exactly politically correct, remembering at the same time Medea’s sacrifices, but also her recent crime, the protagonists manage to change their retrograde thinking and, as a consequence, their sexist discourse. Medea’s Boys talks about the pathology of love in a show which is erotically incorrect. In fact, it is about men who try to understand.


Running time: 1h 30’

Performed in Romanian, with English and Hungarian surtitles

Recommended for spectators aged 16 and older

Dramaturg: Ionuț Sociu, fragments from Medeea by Euripide
Set Design: Irina Chirilă / Mihai Păun
Choreography: Attila Bordás
Sound Design: Adrian Piciorea
Director’s Assistants: Teodora Petre, Victor Tunsu

Sound: Andrei Mihai
Lights: Marius Nițu
Stage Manager: Mihai Acsente
Photo: Barna Nemethi
Poster Design: Dragoș Botcau

Special thanks to:Oana Pușcatu și

With: Eduard Trifa, Alexandru Ion, Alex Mirea, Vlad Ionuț Popescu, Alex Chindriș, Florin Aioane

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