William Shakespeare

Macbeth talks about the tormented soul and not about the mechanism of obtaining power. To be honest and not to give in the temptation of making your way even by murdering in order to impose your skills. Lady Macbeth does not only support Macbeth, but also pushes him to crime. Their love is a sphere, their perfect inner circle. No other character fights with his/her own conscious except for them, no other character tries to survive and be mentally sane as a result of their obscure deeds. Many die, but only this couple die because of their own story. Macbeth questions the freedom to act. It is a tragedy of paradoxes, a free poem about the human soul. Apart from the good, the valuable and the generous, we all have embedded in ourselves the bad, the ridiculous and the petty. All these happen in a country where everybody is scared, nobody is honest, everybody thinks he is the biggest and the greatest and flatters the powerful ones in order to seek their own interest. What is the solution? The crime by means of which Macbeth kills not only the sleep, but also the future? Or to put things into their right order, by the king’s plan, in which everybody knows his place. Thanes become counts; feudalism is spread in tribal Scotland. Lady Macbeth is maybe right, even if it is painful: “In order to deceive them, you must appear the way they expect you to look”.


Running time: 2h 50’ with intermission

Performed in Hungarian with English and Romanian surtitles

text by Szikszai Rémusz based on translations by Szabó Lőrinc / Kállay Géza / Szabó Stein Imre

Costumes: Kiss Julcsi

Set design: Fekete Anna

Music: Kákonyi Árpád

Choreography: Király Attila

Light design: Gergely Erzsébet / Mervel Miklós

Sound design: Piroska Ádám / Molnár Péter

Prompter: Széplaky Petra

Stage director: Pásztor Gábor

Assistant director: Tóth Bianka


With: Nagypál Gábor, Danis Lídia, Crespo Rodrigo, Dévai Balázs, Figeczky Bence, Kardos Róbert, Király Attila, Maróti Attila, Mikola Gergő, Pilnay Sára, Szakács Hajnalka, Crespo Antonio

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