“We’ve already set on fire the cities of Tronkenburg, Erlabrunn, Leipzig, Wilsdurf, Döblen, Potsdam and Miessen. And if the citizens of Wittenberg will not hand in Mr Wenzel von Tronka at once, I will also make their town perish so that I will not have to search for him behind the walls. Michael Kohlhaas, free from the empire and the world, subject to God alone, to the headquarters of provisional world-government: in the cemetery of Wittenberg.”


“Once there was a horse-dealer, named Michael Kohlhaas, one of the most honest, while at the same time he was one of the most terrible persons of his period. Till his thirtieth year this extraordinary man might have passed as a pattern of a good citizen. In a village, which still bears his name, he held a farm, on which, by means of his business, he was enabled to live quietly. The children whom his wife bore him, he brought up in the fear of God to honesty and industry; and there was not one among his neighbours who had not felt the benefit of his kindness or his sense of justice. In short, the world might have blessed his memory had he not carried one virtue to too great an extreme. The feeling of justice made him a robber and a murderer.”

The performance was created as part of the TITÁNium project.


Running time: 1h 35’

Performed in Hungarian with English and Romanian surtitles.

Scenic adaptation by Gábor Sára and Hegymegi Máté

Set designer: Fekete Anna

Costume designer: Oláh Tímea

Dramaturg: Gábor Sára

Consultant: Kárpáti Péter

Music: Kákonyi Árpád

Lights: Payer Ferenc

Collaborators: Bereczki Csilla, Kovács D. Dániel

Director’s assistant: Rezek Borbála

Producer: Artner Szilvia


With: Nagy Zsolt, Pető Kata, Molnár G. Nóra, Nagy Norbert, Fehér László, Jankovics Péter, Király Attila, Kárpáti Pál, Pallag Márton, Horkay Barnabás

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