I Love You, Turkey

I Love You, Turkey

I Love You Turkey takes us out to a laundry in İstanbul after five people. These five people, who are looking for a place and a reason to exist within the changing circumstances of the country, wander through the limits of perseverance in the time that they are spending in the laundry. Those who cannot find the language of self-expression, even those who give up on it and try to create their own agenda, are leaving the place where they are hidden. While looking for a way to tell actual stories from the inside with “I Love You Turkey”, the Bakırköy Municipality Theatre (BBT) goes after new questions for the stage itself. It creates stage aesthetics that make present time visible, a part of this search. It aims to bring a new breath to the things we see with a pessimistic point of view, while experiencing through the unifying power and the enthusiastic essence of theatre.


Running time: 1h 30’

Performed in Turkish with English, Hungarian and Romanian surtitles.

Choreography: Melih Kiraç

Set and Light design: Cem Yilmazer

Costume Design: Selin Ölçen

Music: Okan Kaya

Dramaturg: Ceren Ercan

Director’s assistants: Emre Sirimsi / Ercan Koçak

Poster design: Ethem Onur Bilgiç

Photo: Emre Mollaoğlu


With: Alican Yücesoy, Damla Karaelmas, Defne Şener Günay, Emre Koçoç, İrem Sultan Cengiz

Thanks to Uğur Çerkezoğlu.

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