Fando and Lis

Fando and Lis

Fernando Arrabal

This is the most famous play by one of the most scandalous modern playwrights. Back in the day movie director Alejandro Jodorowsky used Arrabal's play as the basis for one of the most scandalous films in history. It's said that due to his adaptation Jodorowsky became the only director ever to destroy an entire film festival: in 1968 in Acapulco the film's audience decided to lynch the director and Jodorowsky survived by hiding in the trunk of a car. Afterward the film was banned, Jodorowsky was taken to court and the Acapulco Film Festival was shut down for good.


The young Fando is pushing his beloved Lis, whose legs are paralyzed, in a cart. They're searching for the mystical city of Tar, where they will be happy and where all their dreams will come true, but no one has ever been able to reach it. Along the way they meet some strange men who are also trying to reach Tar, to no avail…


Ricardo Marin-Vidal's surrealist tragedy is devoid of anything shocking. He has chosen to tell the story of a people's difficult search for harmony within themselves, with the world and in their love.


Running time: 1h 20’

In Russian, with English, Hungarian and Romanian surtitles.

Recommended for spectators aged 16 and older.

Production designer: Olga Balashova

Light designer: Alexander Ryazantsev

Sound engineer: Andrei Yuriev



Lis: Arina Lykova

Fando: Andrei Aladin

Namur:  Maksim Studenovskii

Mitaro: Vladimir Karpov

Toso: Richard Ardashin

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