Eroticism arises from an artistic exploration of the terms of sexuality, erotica, romance and relationships, i.e. the way these terms are treated in the contemporary society and culture. The main question this piece deals with is a paradox in which the consumerist culture, pop culture and mass media are being overflown with sexuality; it is being dealt with on a political level since ancient times; but still – years after so-called sexual revolutions, this topic is still a taboo – an average person is unable to talk about it publicly without embarrassment, without laughter which hides the embarrassment or without a mild feeling of discomfort.

It includes elements of concert, theatre and video-art, but also sequences of interaction with the audience. Dramaturg­ical base is consisted of seventeen poems dealin­g with the phenomenon of the treatment of sexuality in modern society. The texts are accompanied by orig­inal music and video consisted of frame sequences edited so that they follow the rhythm and the atmosphere of the music.


Our goal is to make an emotional, erotic, communicative, but also intelligent piece, for the vast audience to enjoy without feeling guilty, from young people just entering the world of sexuality, to intellectuals who often pretend to be uninterested in this topic, because they qualify it as “not serious”.


We will treat sexuality and erotica seriously, trying not to fall into the clichéd, media manners these topics are most commonly presented to the public.



Music: Marko Grubić

Lyrics: Milena Bogavac


Performed by: Isidora Simijonović, Marko Grubić, Džemal al Kisvani and guests

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