Szabó Kristóf’s show is based on an adaptation of Antigone written by Walter Hasenclever, a text first staged in 1917. It also has an Epilogue by Hugo von Hofmannsthal (About Antigone). For Hasenclever man lays down the law, not the gods. Today, elected sovereigns lay down the law too easily, as they like to; and what about the people? At one point, the citizens of a state have to ask themselves whether they are ready to stop this trend and how they want to live in the future. Creon, the ruler of Thebes, becomes a dictator. His legitimacy is based on human ideas about politics, not on the will of any god. In our staging Creon describes his motivation with the words of Carl Schmitt:


Politics are recognized as being total.        

But politics mean friend or enemy.

Just because all human life is a battle –

and every human a warrior.  


Fighting Creon, Antigone becomes a timeless iconographic figure of civil disobedience. Like Martin Luther King or Gandhi, Antigone makes a revolutionary concept of the term Love.



But hold -

Where is the spirit behind this law?

I know a law as yet unwritten,

proclaimed to the world by no herald

As old as you and I:

It is called Love.


Running time: 1h 30’

Performed in German with simultaneous translation in English, Hungarian and Romanian

Recommended for spectators aged 18 and older

Stage-set, director: Szabó Kristóf

Audio recordings: Mike Kleinen

Audio post production: Maximilian von Mühlen

Figurines: Bärbel Nolden

Costume: Kasza Emese - Szabó Kristóf

Video- and projection-art: Kovács Ivó


Performers: Dimitri Tellis, Ursula Wüsthof, Kathrin Blume-Wankelmuth, Theresia Erfort, Thomas Krutmann, Maximilian von Mühlen, Céline Oberloher, Ivan Zilli, Annika Hofgesang, Felix von Einem

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