Tickets for TESZT Euroregional Theatre Festival are on sale

Tickets for TESZT Euroregional Theatre Festival are on sale

Nine extraordinary performances will be presented during 20-26th of May at the Csiky Gergely Hungarian State Theatre for the Euroregional Theatre Festival TESZT, and tickets can be bought at the theatre’s ticket office and The invited theatre companies come from Novosibirsk, Grenoble, Antwerp, Ljubljana, Köln, Tatabánya and Bucharest, while the organisers will present their newest performances.

The selection of TESZT 2019 was built around the concept of heroism/anti-heroism. On a global stage where the line dividing Heroes and Antiheroes is often defined behind closed doors, theatre becomes a fine instrument for researching the mobile line separating paradise from hell. TESZT 2019 will have contemporary readings of classical texts, heroes in tragical situations, innovative aesthetical forms, as well as a subject which is now more sensitive than ever, the (anti)hero. Even though the initial selection had to be reduced for objective reasons, TESZT 2019 underlines the importance of the event’s continuity and showcases nine European performances – TESZT is still the most outspoken international theatre festival in the region.

The festival will begin on Monday, May 20th, with a performance by Stary Dom Theatre from Novosibirsk, „Sociopath/Hamlet”, a reinterpretation of Hamlet’s character with video effects, projection and Russian hip-hop music. On Tuesday, May 21st, Csiky Gergely Hungarian State Theatre will present its newest production, „Swan Lake Revisited”, directed by Kokan Mladenović from Serbia. On Wednesday, May 22nd, the French dance company Cie Malka will present their nonverbal show “Têtes d’Affiche”, invited for the Romania-France Cultural Season with the support of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. On Thursday, May 23rd, Enkidu Khaled and Chris Keulemans talk about „Bagdad” in a documentary theatre piece about the destiny of a city torn apart by war and our emotional memory. On the same day, as well as the following, the Studio Hall will host „Hero 2.0 - The Show of All Shows”, an authorial project about acting and originality in art, created by the Slovenian duo Uroš Kaurin and Vito Weis, who will also coordinate a workshop this year at TESZT. On Friday, May 24th, the Main Hall will host „Macbeth” by W. Shakespeare, creatively reinterpreted by „Jászai Mari” Theatre in Tatabánya. Saturday brings two shows inspired by female characters: „Medea’s Boys”, produced by Apollo111 Bucharest and „Antigone”, directed by Kristóf Szabó from Germany. The festival will finish with a production by the host theatre – „Henry 4th”, stage director Victor Ioan Frunză.

Tickets can be bought at the theatre and online for 40 lei, or 30 lei with a discount for students, pensioners, Kult Card owners and Cultura Plus card owners. The TESZT5 pass grants access to five shows and it costs 150 lei, 75 lei discounted. All performances will be played at the Csiky Gergely Hungarian State Theatre and they will have English translation.

The 12th Euroregional Theatre Festival Timișoara – TESZT will take place during May 20-26th 2019 and it is organized and hosted by the Csiky Gergely Hungarian State Theatre Timișoara. Main sponsor: Timisoara City Hall. With the support of: Timis County Council, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Culture and National Identity, UNITER. 


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