Collage Workshop with Benedek Levente

Collage Workshop with Benedek Levente

Benedek Levente is still working on pieces which can be included anytime in the COLL[AGE] exhibition - and he invites you to contribute with your own materials - posters, flyers, train passes, movie or theatre tickets, photos etc. - little snippets of moments carefully preserved in a drawer safeguarding memories which matter to us. Together with Levente, we will turn the participants' materials into collages, emotional maps of our past.

The free workshop will be organized between May 21-24th 11 a.m.-3 pm in Atelierul de Urbanism, where we already opened the COLL[AGE] exhibition.

The opening of COLL[AGE] 2.0 will be on May 25th at 2 p.m.

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