Cancellation of TESZT #13

Cancellation of TESZT #13

Dear friends of the TESZT festival,


We are aware that everybody is waiting for an official announcement regarding the selection of the 13th festival edition, which should be scheduled for late May.

As you can imagine, in order to organize an international event, we need to resort to quite some traveling, meetings, communication with sponsors and partners, clear funding opportunities, the participation of our theatre’s entire staff, marketing for large audiences. On the other hand, the festival itself would bring us full venues, transport of set and people, theatre and dance workshops, after-show discussions with the audience, etc.

At present, we are fully aware of the existing risks regarding the participants’ and spectators’ well-being, therefore, in the absence of any certainty for the following months, we decided to cease the preparations for the Euroregional Theatre Festival in Timișoara - TESZT 2020. The option of postponing the festival for the final months of 2020 could distance us all from several risks, but it would not guarantee the success of an event which engages the effort of tens of theatre-loving people.

While supporting continuity of cultural events, especially regarding the theatre scene and especially in Timisoara, we do want to fully enjoy TESZT and its unique energy at the right moment. The present times are not in favour of theatre – Romania, as much as the entire world, is focusing all its energy in order to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus. We are, actually, in a time when our entire attention should be channeled towards keeping us and our dear ones healthy. The theatre in which we believe in – brave, different, stimulating – will have its applause more than tenfold at TESZT 2021. We will be waiting.

We are also glad to have had many good applications for the open call which was launched four months ago. A lot of effort was put in finishing the selection, therefore we decided to publish which performances were considered suitable for TESZT#13 and its theme “(Internal)Time”. Our intention is to invite these companies for our 2021 edition:

Csiky Gergely Hungarian State Theatre in Timisoara (Romania) – The Tragedy of Man, dir. Silviu Purcărete

Jászai Mari Theatre in Tatabánya (Hungary) – When the Rain Stops Falling, dir. Guelmino Sándor

Bitola National Theatre (Northern Macedonia) – Noah’s New Macedonia, dir. Kokan Mladenović

Ljubljana Youth Theatre - Mladinsko (Slovenia) – no title yet, dir. Tomi Janežić

Imperfect Dancers (Italia) – Empty Floor, chor. Ina Boeckx, Walter Matteini

Moment Association in Maribor (Slovenia) – Hero 3.0, created and performed by Uroš Kaurin, Vito Weis

Sombor National Theatre & Novi Sad Serbian National Theatre (Serbia) – Tartuffe, dir. Igor Vuk Torbica

Warsaw New Theatre (Poland) – The Polaks Explain the Future, dir. Wojtek Ziemilski

Via Negativa (Slovenia) – The Heart, created and performed by Kristina Aleksova

Vrooom Band (Serbia) – Eroticism, rock concert

Contemporary Creative Dreamers (Romania) – Nihil Sine Deo, chor. Dragomir Alexandru Daniel

Kosztolányi Dezső Theatre in Subotica (Serbia) – The Spectator’s Academy, dir. Urbán András

Zagreb Youth Theatre – ZKM (Croatia) – Eichmann in Jerusalem, r. Jernej Lorenci 


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