Thirteenth time lucky: boost - TESZT!

Thirteenth time lucky: boost - TESZT!

The “Csiky Gergely” Hungarian State Theatre Timisoara is organizing the 13th Euroregional Theatre Festival Timisoara - TESZT, an edition that intends to restore the bond between theatre and audience, after a two-year break generated by the pandemics, to be a genuine “boost” for its spectators who are yearning for theatre. Theatres from Hungary, Serbia, North Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, France, Italy, Germany and Romania will stage their performances for the audience in Timisoara between 22 and 29 May 2022. 


TESZT, one of the most important cultural events at the regional level, has completed the selection process and will bring together performances produced by “Forte” Company (Budapest), National Theatre of Bitola (Macedonia), Bosnian National Theatre Zenica, Compagnie Maguy Marin and Atelier 3+1 (France), FACE Dance Visual Performing (Germany), Zagreb Youth Theatre, Imperfect Dancers, Grupa Organization, ”Kosztolányi Dezső” Theatre Subotica, Les 3 Plumes, Teatro dei Venti of Modena, Slovenian Youth Theatre Ljubljana, Szkéné Theatre Budapesta, Ivo Dimchev, as well as “Basca” Theatre, Unfold Motion, Civicultura, “Diogene” Cultural Association, “Arte-Factum” Independent Company, German State Theatre and “Csiky Gergely” Hungarian State Theatre of Timișoara. The lineup will also include jazz and rock concerts.


TESZT 2022 is focusing on the need to restore the connections between theatre and audience, between performer and spectator; to use theatre and its social function as a mainspring to reconstruct communities. After two years of pandemics shaken by restrictions and uncertainties, when theatres were closed and then provisionally reopened, forced to adapt to difficult conditions and the unpredictability of the sanitary course, the relationship with the public weakened. This bond became more vulnerable, and the reflexes of the spectators diminished and faded. The 2022 edition of TESZT aims to restore the mechanisms of the cultural gear that supports the community of artists and spectators. It is meant to boost the appetite for a quality theatre and the need of the audience to return to the performing spaces and function like a debate platform for prevailing topics, sensitive and hard to approach. 


This year's selection includes a ten hours long performance, and also moving theatre, on the streets; performances that bring new perspectives upon works by Shakespeare or Dostoevsky, and contemporary dance with some of the world’s renowned choreographers. The audience will watch performances that mirror vulnerable communities, a theatre world that is inspiring and amusing but, at the same time, makes us ponder, reunites us with its regenerating power and gives us hope for the community, collaboration, and generosity. An essential component of the 13th edition is the TESZT extension dedicated to the independent theatre; free outdoor performances where theatre companies of Timisoara that accepted our invitation will be on stage alongside representative European artists and companies. 


The information about all performances and the complete lineup of the 13th TESZT will be available on after May 1, 2022, when the tickets will go on sale. All performances will be translated into Romanian, Hungarian and English, and the artists will take part in talks with the audience at the end of each evening. TESZT is back, so get ready for a healthy bite of theatre! 


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