Guest show from Ukraine presented during TESZT

Guest show from Ukraine presented during TESZT

A performance from Ukraine will be presented during TESZT:  a unique theatrical and human solidarity event during the 13th edition of the festival organised by Csiky Gergely Hungarian State Theatre! The performance will be presented on May 28th by Youth Theatre„Virymo” from Dnipro, Ukraine. "Classmates”, directed by Volodymir Petrenko has a very young cast and talks about the destiny of schoolmates caught in the stormy historical changes of the XX century, the horrors of the war and the de-humanisation that follows. A literary masterpiece, acutely related to current events. The participation of Ukrainian artists in TESZT is supported by the Department of Social Services of Timisoara Municipality.

This performance was submitted for the TESZT open call in 2019 and Csiky Gergely Hungarian State Theatre decided to include it in the 2022 edition as a normal and necessary signal of solidarity with Ukrainian artists affected by the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. Due to the current regional status, the company was allowed to leave the country in order to take part in TESZT just a few days before the festival started.

The original play „Our Classroom” by Polish writer Tadeusz Slobodzianek traces the destinies of a group of young people, later adults, whose lives are deeply influenced by political events marking Poland's destiny - changes of political regimes (Polish, soviet, nazi, communist, democratic) are turning points for their friendship and lead to tragic events.

The show will be presented on May 28th at 4 pm in the Scenery Shop inside the Cultural Palace. Tickets cost 25 lei and can be bought from the theatre (Alba Iulia 2, after 2 p.m.) or The audience is kindly asked to donate for Ukrainian refugees in the box which will be placed inside the theatre. Simultaneous translation will be provided in Romanian, Hungarian and English.

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