Change in the Programme

We would like to kindly inform you about a change in the programme of TESZT festival. Due to technical difficulties, Concerto / String Quartet no. 5, scheduled for the 20th of May as the opening event of the festival has been cancelled. Thank you for your understanding.

The Programme of the 10th TESZT Is Out

Remembering and forgetting. Common stories, private histories and utopias. Nine days of celebration in theatre

TESZT 10 – Memories

This year, on our tenth edition, we would like to create a platform for memories, a place where we can share our experiences, memories and thoughts.

TESZT Forte: in the world of the outcasts and extremists

Returning every year, the Forte Company from Budapest will also be here in Timișoara with a performance titled Your Kingdom, directed by Horváth Csaba. Your Kingdom is an overwhelming performance about the outcasts of history: the humiliated, mutilated and the young chased away to the peripheries of society, who had never gotten a chance.

Macedonian play inspired by the revolution in Timișoara

The Youth Cultural Center's performance titled Mad Forest arrived from Skopje, the capital of Macedonia, and is about the revolution that had unleashed in December, 1989 in Timișoara. The group, who created the project, wish to present a universal history, that reveals that the people never learn from the mistakes of history.  




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