As of January 1, 2018, I am no longer employed at the Csiky Gergely Hungarian State Theatre, furthermore I have also resigned from my position as the artistic coordinator of TESZT festival.

We celebrated duly at the 10th anniversary of TESZT, as we felt it important to evaluate all previous editions. The fact that the open call for the 2018 edition attracted almost 300 applications, speaks volumes about how this festival has grown into a defining theatre event of the region, one that also draws considerable international attention.

As one of the founders of TESZT, I believe that these past ten years, the result of the hard work of many people, were spent in constant growth. But in this journey, we had arrived to a place, from where one can only move forward if one is willing to rethink their terms and conditions. Although both Balázs Attila, the director of the theatre and the festival, and I felt that TESZT had arrived to a point from where we couldn’t have continued business as usual, we had very different ideas about the future of the festival, ideas that we weren’t able to reconcile. As the artistic coordinator of the festival, my job consisted not only of programme curation and concept design but also of the coordination of the event and the arrangement of the staff, so it is important to note that all these will be different for the 2018 edition. The institution will inform in due time those affected about the future of TESZT, how it will continue and where it will be heading.

I would like to thank everyone who had supported the making and maintaining of TESZT either as an audience member, organiser, partner or creator, everyone who had supported and helped our work.


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