The final countdown… only a few days left until the TESZT starts

According to our tradition, in the last week of May the “Csiky Gergely” Hungarian State Theatre from Timisoara organizes the Euroregional Theatre Festival, the TESZT. This year we have reached the seventh edition. Between the 24th and 31th of May our Theatre is hosting some of the best performances in the DKMT region.

The organizers are inviting you all to participate in this one-week long theatrical and cultural event, to be part in this major multicultural and outstandingly important festival.

This year`s guest performances, artists and a large part of the off programs too are related to this edition`s theme: the past and its processing. By choosing this theme, we are being part in the newest trends of the East-European theatres, where in the last few years there have been a lot of similar performances to stress the importance of our historical (global or individual) past and the ways we can deal with it.

This thematic category includes the newest performance of the “Csiky Gergely” Hungarian State Theatre, Scorched directed by Radu-Alexandru Nica, Once upon a time in Timisoara, a performance of the National Theatre of Timisoara, Red a co-production performance of the Katona József Theatre from Budapest and the Hungarian Ensemble of the Popular Theatre from Subotica, Europe, Europe from the Studio K Theatre, Nadirs a performance of the German State Theatre Timisoara, another co-production this time from two theatres from Budapest, the Forte Company and the Szkéné Theatre, The clearing, Our secrets, a performance directed by Pintér Béla and the performance of the Theatre of Novi Sad, Neoplanta. All of these performances relate to the far and nearby past events that we are afraid to talk about, involving people of the past and their stories, and they are about people whose lives, memories and decisions marked the time we are living.

Another important innovation of this year’s edition is that the majority of the off programs are focusing on multicultural collaborations between artists with different cultural background, who, during one week of the festival, are asked to do some independent co-productions that are going to be presented as performances in the end of the festival. These programs are opened for anyone to join in, and be part in these open rehearsals. There will be two kinds of open rehearsals. One with the dancers, choreographers Baczó Tünde and Táborosi Margaréta who are going to direct and choreograph each other in order to create a common performance, and one with the Serbian director Urbán András, organized mainly for art students from Serbia, Romania and Hungary. Together with him are going to participate as coordinators Iuliana Vilsan (set designer), Cári Tibor (composer) and Kárpáti Péter (playwright). The theme of this international workshop is the death of Dózsa György who was killed exactly 500 years ago at Timisoara.

Another interesting off program of the festival is the Theatre Jam, which is a kind of improvisation based on the night performances, in which every time other two actors from a different company will join in the artists from the Secret Company, Budapest.

All the other off programs are promising. Concerts at midnight from different band and artists in the region, offering a large range, from folk music to electro-new wave. On the first day of the festival we are inviting you all to an exhibition, where after four year the theatre gets a new flour made of the artistic works prepared for this year’s theme by all artists from different domains: graphics, architecture, design, sculpture and painting. The organizers prepared for this year`s edition a book, written and edited in the name of multiculturalism and cultural dialogues between the theatres, institutions and artists in the three countries. The Border Roads was born from the main idea and esthetics of the festival itself: to create a common, multi-language platform for the most important theatres and art institutions in the region.

All performances will be translated into English and Romanian.




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