"Let’s just not sit in the dark but really be there"

– a talk with Szymon Adamczak –


How did you become a director? Tell us a bit about yourself.

I prefer to be called a “theatre maker” instead of a director. Directing is mostly seen as some sort of hierarchy and I wouldn’t dare to pretend that I know everything. Working between the independent performing arts scene and public institutions has taught me that being a director is only one of the many roles I could assume. For the past years I have been mostly a dramaturg and a writer, occasionally also a producer, an educator, a curator and a journalist.

Forbidden Books: Secrets and millennial tunes from an Eastern Europe

The theatrical experiment with the title Forbidden Books (close it and put it away) will open at Temps d’Images festival in Cluj-Napoca on Sunday, November 12, at 7pm. The creators of the performance were born between 1989-1991 in four different European countries, they currently live in three other and identify themselves as belonging to an array of communities. They are, for example, Hungarians but Romanians, Hungarians living in Romania, Polish living in the Netherlands. Theatre makers with the privilege to speak in front of an international audience.

OPEN CALL for applications: TESZT 2018

TESZT, the Euroregional Theatre Festival Timișoara, Romania is an international festival that has been organised annually since 2008. The event aims to promote multiculturalism, works as a platform for cultural exchange and also as an invitation to dialogue with the artists and other professionals from the Eastern European and Balkan region.

The 10th TESZT to set off with an international coproduction

Schilling Árpád and the creators of EXIT tackle the topic of the emigrating immigrants 

The 10th edition of TESZT will start on May 21st. One of the most important missions of the festival is to promote the cultural exchange and to support collaboration among artists and theatres of the region. This is also what inspired the making of EXIT, the opening production of this year’s edition, a coproduction between the Csiky Gergely Hungarian State Theatre of Timișoara, the Ioan Slavici Classical Theatre of Arad and the Sombor National Theatre. The performance is directed by Schilling Árpád, who was present at last year’s edition of TESZT with the performance The Day of Fury.

Panel discussions and further additional dates announced at TESZT festival

The 10th edition of TESZT starts next weekend, and it is preceded by great interest. As a result of the high demand, two additional dates have been added to the programme: the performances EXIT and Kálmán’s Day will both played two times.




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