Collage Workshop with Benedek Levente

Benedek Levente is still working on pieces which can be included anytime in the COLL[AGE] exhibition - and he invites you to contribute with your own materials - posters, flyers, train passes, movie or theatre tickets, photos etc. - little snippets of moments carefully preserved in a drawer safeguarding memories which matter to us. 

Tickets for TESZT Euroregional Theatre Festival are on sale

Nine extraordinary performances will be presented during 20-26th of May at the Csiky Gergely Hungarian State Theatre for the Euroregional Theatre Festival TESZT, and tickets can be bought at the theatre’s ticket office and The invited theatre companies come from Novosibirsk, Grenoble, Antwerp, Ljubljana, Köln, Tatabánya and Bucharest, while the organisers will present their newest performances.

HalfTESZT – budget cuts will reduce the program of the festival starting in ten days

The Euroregional Theatre Festival Timisoara – TESZT, has reached its 12th edition and has to considerably restrain its initial programme after the Local City Council voted on the budget of Csiky Gergely Hungarian State Theatre Timisoara. In order to maintain the continuity of the festival and preserve our relationship with spectators who believe in the TESZT spirit, we will organize a pocket-version of TESZT between the 20-26th of May, a crash tes(z)t, with damaged lights on.

COLL[AGE] - Benedek Levente Exhibition Opening

Levente Benedek, visual artist. He has been the graphic designer of the Csiky Gergely Hungarian State Theatre and the Euroregional Theatre Festival Timișoara (TESZT) for ten years. His latest exhibition was nine years ago.

He has been collecting posters, flyers, bracelets, stickers, photos, theatre and concert tickets for fifteen years. All the printed memories that came his way and that he had some kind of connection with. He's been using them to make collages for the past year and a half.

Vito Weis & Uroš Kaurin workshop at TESZT - Be Your Own Hero!

The Euroregional Theatre Festival Timișoara – TESZT offers a free workshop for young actors and theatre students, which will be coordinated by Vito Weis and Uroš Kaurin during 22nd-25th May. The two actors from Maribor have already won the most important award for young actors in Slovenia - Borštnik Award, and their careers include collaborations with famous directors such as: Bojan Jablanovec, Oliver Frljić or Jernej Lorenci.

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